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Yard Care in Buford, GA

Before Photos

Job Details

Location of Job: Buford, GA
When: Mar 28, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Lawn Aeration, Weed Control, Lawn Fertilizer
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Brief Explanation

It has been a pleasure to service this customer's yard since the summer of 2013. He is very keen on having a healthy and beautiful lawn. Many times, we find ourselves standing back and discussing what direction he should take with his landscaping.

Outstanding Results

I was very happy to begin working on his yard because his property, in the subdivision where he lives, is very visible. It has been my experience that all of the neighbors begin to notice the tremendous transformation that takes place on my customer's yards. Thus, I am referred to those who pass by for service on their yard as well. This was one of those cases.

Take a look at another home that enjoys a weed free transformation of their yard.

Initially, this customer was concerned about the annual growth that appears each year on his bermuda grass. I informed him that this is actually part of the life cycle of the grass. It is a healthy growth that he was seeing.

Absolute Green Is Our Name And Our Promise

We began with our weed control program, coupled with lawn fertilizer. I also started aerating his yard annually in order to maximize its healthy potential. The results truly were outstanding. To further highlight the health of his yard I've attached a photo of where his yard borders that of his neighbor.

The grass as you see it in the pictures has not reached it's full green looking potential of the year. The photo was taken a little early in the spring. Before long however, it will really stand out with a lush and green appearance.

After Photos

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Buford, GA
Client Testimonial
Ryan came out promptly to help take care of a flea problem we had. It seemed like all of the treatments on our dog weren't working. He explained to us that the yard must also be treated. Otherwise, our dog just picks up more fleas… ~ MaryLee Jackson - Sugar Hill, GA

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Absolute Green Lawn Care Keeps Yards Green and Healthy

Keeping yards green, lush, healthy and weed free is my passion. Since 2009 I have been perfecting the process. I’ve found that approaching each yard as a unique individual property with unique needs is essential. This assures that the appropriate treatment is applied to the appropriate weed.

We Get The Job Done, Whatever It Takes

Some weeds are more resilient than others. Other weeds, like in the case of nutsedge, are almost totally immune to chemical products. In this case, you’ll see me and my employees on our hands and knees, pulling the weeds by hand until they are completely gone.

Small Local Business

We are a small business located in Buford, GA. We live in Buford and we love it here. With Absolute Green Lawn Care, you are guaranteed to be treated as an esteemed customer. Our guarantee is that we will come out as often as required, at no extra cost, to make sure you’re satisfied.