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Suwanee, Georgia

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Weed Control Suwanee, Georgia

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Job Details

Location of Job: Suwanee, Georgia
When: Feb 11, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Weed Control, Lawn Care, Fertilization
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Brief Explanation This weed control job in Suwanee, Georgia is unique. The yard was infested with various weeds, one of which was Broomsedge. Sedge is a very resilient weed that is not killed by your common herbicides. The only chemical that is effective in killing Broomsedge also kills grass.


Considering we wanted to keep the grass healthy, the only effective solution was to pull all of the Broomsedge by hand. Broomsedge networks beneath the soil. This makes it difficult to determine where the next outbreak will appear. Each service we carefully inspected the yard to find the growth. Wherever it appeared, we pulled it. After a number of months of weed control and fertilizer, we were able to eliminate all of the other weeds from his yard, and the Broomsedge is nearly eradicated.

Although it can be time consuming and labor intensive, we spare no effort in quality weed control. This is one aspect that separates us from our competitors. This customer is thrilled with the results and his yard looks AMAZING!

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Brad Edwards Said This About Our Company

Brad Edwards

Suwanee, GA

Date: Feb 15, 2016
They've done a great job. When we moved into the house the previous owners didn't have a lawn care service and the whole yard was covered in weeds. It's been less than a year and we went from a yard full of weeds to a yard that looks much better. You can't really see a weed in it. He's been doing a great job and for a really great value. We're really happy with him.

"Lawn Care Company Testimonial Suwanee, GA"

Services Provided

At Brad's house we've been providing Weed control and Fertilization services for the last 10 months. He used to have a lot of Broomsedge and because there is no product that will kill it without also killing his grass, we have spent some time pulling it for free with each visit. It is almost completely gone now. There are no other weeds in his lawn.
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Client Testimonial
Ryan came out promptly to help take care of a flea problem we had. It seemed like all of the treatments on our dog weren't working. He explained to us that the yard must also be treated. Otherwise, our dog just picks up more fleas… ~ MaryLee Jackson - Sugar Hill, GA


Absolute Green Lawn Care Goes the Extra Mile!

Much like in this customers case, if your yard has a resilient weed problem, we will go the extra mile. We spare no effort in making sure your yard looks GREAT!

Our team is trained above the industry standard to identify the specific weed/weeds in your yard. This identification allows us to customize our lawn care service and make your yard and achieve FAST EFFECTIVE RESULTS!

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your yard. If any concerns arise between your scheduled services, we will promptly come out to your home and address your concerns… at no extra charge.