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1 Review. Dave Heitert Gave us 5 Stars For This Job!

Buford, Georgia

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No More Weeds In Buford, Georgia

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Job Details

Location of Job: Buford, Georgia
When: Mar 1, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Weed Control, Lawn Fertilizer
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Brief Explanation I first started servicing this customer's yard in the Spring of 2015. When we began the service, his yard was completely full of weeds. Henbit and Bluegrass Weeds were the main problems he faced.

Henbit is an annual weed that is particularly noticeable in the Spring with purple colored, paired, flower petals. Generally it does not grow very tall. The leaves are a broad leaf that, interestingly, are edible.

Bluegrass is a very common, problematic annual weed in Georgia. Some people may refer to bluegrass as po'anner, which comes from it's scientific name poa annua. Po'anner is identifiable by the numerous seeds that are on the tips of the blades.

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Within just a few service treatments to this customer's yard, most of the weeds were gone. The homeowner was very pleased with the rapid results. Now, after a year of services, the yard is healthy and remains COMPLETELY WEED FREE.

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Dave Heitert Said This About Our Company

Dave Heitert

Buford, GA

Date: Mar 10, 2016
I just want to give him credit for doing a remarkably good job. I had a yard that was full of weeds and there's not a weed to be found in the yard anymore. The grass is in great shape. He's done a phenomenal job. We're rebuilding the back yard and as soon as we get the new grass he's going to be working on the back yard too forever. I can't find anyone that would be better. He's phenomenal.

""The grass is in great shape""

Services Provided

We've been servicing their yard for a year with our custom weed control and fertilizer treatments. Initially, there were a lot of Henbit and Bluegrass weeds. A huge improvement was seen after the first service. Now, a year later, they have no weeds.
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Buford, GA
Client Testimonial
Ryan came out promptly to help take care of a flea problem we had. It seemed like all of the treatments on our dog weren't working. He explained to us that the yard must also be treated. Otherwise, our dog just picks up more fleas… ~ MaryLee Jackson - Sugar Hill, GA


Knowledgeable Technicians Set Us Above The Rest

Our technicians are trained above the industry standard to identify specific weeds. This is the only way achieve such fast results. Whereas, most large companies will dispatch a minimally trained technician with one big tank on their truck to service all of their clients with the same product, Absolute Green Buford Lawn Care takes a different approach.

Custom Lawn Treatment

With each treatment we will carefully inspect the progress of your yard. If any weeds persist, we will identify them and treat them with a separate and specific chemical. In some cases, with resilient weeds, we are happy to resort to pulling by hand.

We go the extra mile to honor our guarantee. If there is anything that needs additional attention, we will return free of charge to make it right.