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Lawn Care Sugar Hill, GA

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Location of Job: Sugar Hill, GA
When: Jun 18, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Lawn Care, Fertilizer Treatment, Weed Control
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Weed Control Suwanee, Georgia
Yard Flea Treatment Sugar Hill, GA
Brief Explanation These clients were happy to move into their first new home. They soon realized that their yard needed some serious attention. When I arrived, I noticed that the yard consisted mostly of weeds with very little grass.

In a short three month span of time, the results were apparent. Not only were the weeds nearly all gone, but the grass was filling in. Our fertilizer treatment helped to complement the weed control and the yard became thick, green, and lush.

There started to appear a very distinct difference between our customer's and his neighbor's yard. He was so happy with the results, he sent over a picture showing the obvious line.

It makes us very happy to hear, time and time again, from very satisfied customers.

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Buford, GA
Client Testimonial
Ryan came out promptly to help take care of a flea problem we had. It seemed like all of the treatments on our dog weren't working. He explained to us that the yard must also be treated. Otherwise, our dog just picks up more fleas… ~ MaryLee Jackson - Sugar Hill, GA

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One of the biggest complaints that I hear from people is that their previous lawn care company would show up to their home and perform their service in less than 5 minutes… and the weeds didn’t die.

This is because their business model is designed around cutting corners and being as fast as possible. Their technicians have to meet quotas for houses serviced in a day. And, in many cases, their only training is how to squeeze a sprayer nozzle.

Absolute Green Lawn Care is different. We are a small, local company that services the area surrounding Buford, Sugar Hill, and Suwanee, Georgia. Our approach to treating lawns is based on trained technicians taking the appropriate time to identify and specifically target the individual customer’s needs. No quotas, no contracts. If you’re not pleased, we’ll come out for free and address your concerns. We are the industry leader in customer service and rapid, quality results.