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We Don't Use Cheap Products To Fertilize Your Lawn

Don't Hire A Company That Just Sprays With Liquid Fertilizer!!!

  • Liquid Fertilizer Doesn't Give Lasting Nourishment To The Lawn
  • Liquid Fertilizer is Quick & Easy For Lawn Care Companies...A.K.A. High Profits
  • Liquid Fertilizer is Often Mixed With Weed Control Chemicals
  • Rain Easily Washes Away Liquid Fertilizer

The Huge Lawn Care Companies Don't Really Care!

Most large lawn care companies that offer fertilizing treatments just spray something on the grass and go...before you even notice they were there.

Let Us Properly Fertilize Your Lawn With Long Lasting Fertilization Pellets

Our Fertilization Methods Works & Work Longer

We use high grade lawn fertilization pellets that we spread out across the lawn after we have applied our weed treatment. We do not mix our weed treatment and fertilizer into one big drum.

Instead we use a professional fertilization spreader to evenly distribute lawn fertilizer pellets. These pellets are specifically designed to give off their nutrients at different times. This allows your lawn to continue to get needed nutrients long after we have applied the fertilization treatment.

What Will Your Grass Look Like?

Your lawn needs to be properly nourished and strengthened in order to look green and feel lush and beautiful. That is what will happen as we fertilizer your lawn with the right fertilization. You will be amazed at how beautiful your lawn we start looking after just a few correct treatments and applications.

Before you know it your neighbors will be noticing how green and lush your lawn is and they will ask you what your secret is!

Expertise Comes From Experience

As certified experts by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, we know what it takes to take properly fertilize your lawn.

You can sit back and watch the rapid transformation of your yard take place under our professional and experienced care.
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Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Buford, GA
When: Jun 6, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Weed Control, Lawn Fertilizer
Brief Explanation

New sod is a great investment. It is a terrific way to very quickly and effectively change the entire look of a property.

Bermuda Sod

Take a look at another Buford home that is enjoying a great yard under our care.

We must point out, we don't install sod. We know people in the area that do, but that is not our expertise. Once this customer had their sod installed, we took over managing it.

This customer and their neighbor had their yards re-sodded at the same time with Bermuda. Bermuda is a great choice for a lawn that has a lot of exposure to the sun. When a yard has multiple hours of shading throughout the day Bermuda can have a difficult time flourishing.

Full Sun Exposure

As you can tell from the photographs, there are no obstructions to sun exposure in this yard. Prior to laying the sod the homeowner had 14 trees removed and multiple truckloads of fill dirt brought in to create a level surface.

Following sod installation, upon our first inspection, we noticed some areas where crabgrass had begun to take root. We also noticed that nutsedge weed was present. Both of these species of weeds are troublesome. They compete with Bermuda for taking root on a property. If left unattended they can, in short time, ruin the appeal of Bermuda.

Part of the trouble with weeds, and one of the most frequent complaints that we hear, is that the weeds grow much faster than normal grass. This creates a need to mow more often than would be regularly necessary.

As can be seen from the attached photographs, the sod has taken very well. The entire front yard is green and lush. We like to call it "Absolute Green." The customer has mentioned how nice it is to see their yard taken care of in good hands.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Buford, GA
When: Mar 28, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Lawn Aeration, Weed Control, Lawn Fertilizer
Brief Explanation

It has been a pleasure to service this customer's yard since the summer of 2013. He is very keen on having a healthy and beautiful lawn. Many times, we find ourselves standing back and discussing what direction he should take with his landscaping.

Outstanding Results

I was very happy to begin working on his yard because his property, in the subdivision where he lives, is very visible. It has been my experience that all of the neighbors begin to notice the tremendous transformation that takes place on my customer's yards. Thus, I am referred to those who pass by for service on their yard as well. This was one of those cases.

Take a look at another home that enjoys a weed free transformation of their yard.

Initially, this customer was concerned about the annual growth that appears each year on his bermuda grass. I informed him that this is actually part of the life cycle of the grass. It is a healthy growth that he was seeing.

Absolute Green Is Our Name And Our Promise

We began with our weed control program, coupled with lawn fertilizer. I also started aerating his yard annually in order to maximize its healthy potential. The results truly were outstanding. To further highlight the health of his yard I've attached a photo of where his yard borders that of his neighbor.

The grass as you see it in the pictures has not reached it's full green looking potential of the year. The photo was taken a little early in the spring. Before long however, it will really stand out with a lush and green appearance.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Buford, Georgia
When: Mar 1, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Weed Control, Lawn Fertilizer
Brief Explanation I first started servicing this customer's yard in the Spring of 2015. When we began the service, his yard was completely full of weeds. Henbit and Bluegrass Weeds were the main problems he faced.

Henbit is an annual weed that is particularly noticeable in the Spring with purple colored, paired, flower petals. Generally it does not grow very tall. The leaves are a broad leaf that, interestingly, are edible.

Bluegrass is a very common, problematic annual weed in Georgia. Some people may refer to bluegrass as po'anner, which comes from it's scientific name poa annua. Po'anner is identifiable by the numerous seeds that are on the tips of the blades.

See another job where we completely got rid of the .homeowner's weeds

Within just a few service treatments to this customer's yard, most of the weeds were gone. The homeowner was very pleased with the rapid results. Now, after a year of services, the yard is healthy and remains COMPLETELY WEED FREE.

Recent Reviews

Betty D.

Buford, GA

Date: Jun 21, 2019
I had another lawn care service for the last 5 years. Last summer, I became very disappointed with the look of my front lawn. There were lots of weeds. My lawn looked bad! I called my lawn care company and told them what I saw. They made excuses for the weeds, we have had a lot of rain lately, etc. I decided to search for a new company and I found Absolute Green Lawn Care. I read all their reviews and decided to call them. Absolute Green Lawn Care has been serving my lawn now for almost a year. WOW! What a difference! My lawn is now beautiful, bright green, with no weeds! One of my neighbors recently commented about how beautiful my lawn is now. I was happy to tell the neighbor who cares for my lawn, Absolute Green Lawn Care. I highly recommend this company because they are the best!

"WOW! What A Difference!"

Services Provided
Residential Lawn Care

Anna Becoat

Buford, GA

Date: Aug 15, 2018
We have been using the Absolute Green for about 2 months and we are thrilled with the results. We had a major problem with weeds and after 2 applications I can see the tremendous improvement. Also as an added bonus what I love about them is the fact that there is no contract... you pay as you go.

"Tremendous Improvement"

Services Provided
Residential Weed Control

Kristin Blackman

Buford, GA

Date: Sep 26, 2018
Ryan is the best! We had issues with some weeds in our yard - Ryan came out personally within a day of me contacting him. He identified the weed as doveweed which is very hard to kill. Other services in the past treated it like crabgrass so it was never properly handled/killed. Ryan is very knowledgeable and cares about his clients - he is above the rest in service and customer service! Do yourself a favor and hire Ryan and his team!

"Very Knowledgeable & Care About Clients"

Services Provided
Residential Weed Control

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