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You're Looking For A Company To Take Care of Your Lawn...Right?

Here's Why Absolute Green Is The Best Choice!

Our Resume Is Impressive

  1. Licensed By The Georgia Department of Agriculture
  2. Going above & beyond is something we're known for.
  3. Professionally Trained at UGA & Test Certified
  4. We are constantly seeking more knowledge & training.
  5. 10 Years In The Business
  6. Nothing makes you better than practice & we've had 10 yrs of it!

We Have Over 650 Happy Customers!

We're Not The Biggest Lawn Care Company But We Care The Most

We're The Traditional American Local Business. We're locally owned in Buford, GA & owner operated. We have a close group of employees that are also local.

Overall our ultimate goal is to do such amazing work that our customers refer us to their neighbors...and it is working and has been working for 10 years!

We Use High Quality Equipment & Products

Here's Just A Few Of The Amazing Equipment We Use & Products We Offer

Turfco XT5 Aerator

We Use The Turfco XT5 Aerator

We use the Turfco XT5 Aerator to professionally aerate our customers' lawns. The machine is top of the line & has been the tool we've used to help loosen up the hard Georgia Clay & provide quality nutrients & water to get access to lawns.

We are constantly on the look out for the right equipment to make our customers' lawns look & be healthier.

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Obviously We Think Highly Of Ourselves But...

What Do Your Neighbors Think?

Robert Wilson

Buford, GA

Date: Jan 18, 2017
Best lawn care out there. Perfectly Green and Magnolia Lawn failed to control any weeds which Ryan and his team have taken care of them completely. At a much more affordable price.

Date: Mar 23, 2017
Awesome customer service. If we ever had issues Ryan was more than willing to go above and beyond to make it right Our lawn looks great

Date: Feb 22, 2017
Great customer service; professional and our lawn looks great!

Meet Our Team

We're Real People Who Care About Doing Fantastic Work!

Ryan Wall

Brief Bio:

Ryan lives and operates his business out of Buford, GA. He is happily married with a young daughter. Ryan is one of those guys that everyone knows and likes because he honestly cares about them & is genuinely interested in how they are doing and what they are up to.

Our Company History

Who We Are & Where We've Come From

Hello, I'm Ryan. I started Absolute Green Lawn Care in Buford, Ga in 2009.

My initial clients still recall watching my wife work with me to service accounts. Initially I offered full service landscaping, but soon found a passion and particular talent for weed control.

Through classes offered at UGA and tests proctored by the state of Georgia, I became licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. If you could see my backyard today, you'd see multiple test plots of grass.

This helps me continue to perfect the science of fertilizer and weed control. It is my belief that we are given talents in this life and I am grateful for this talent given to me that I can exercise and share daily.

Our Company Website

As you may have noticed we put a lot of work into our website. All for the purpose to give you the right information to make a great decision about your lawn care.

On the site we share before & after pictures of lawns we've taken care of, we share details about all the services we offer, we talk about the equipment and products we use and more.

We will continue to do this and more. If you have any questions or concerns about the site, please contact eWebify. eWebify is our digital partner and they handle all of the website information and updating. They are a professional local SEO company.

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