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We Know Weeds & We Know How To Kill Them!

How Bad Is Your Weed Problem?

  • I Think I Have Grass...?
  • Pretty Bad But It Could Get Worse
  • Not Terrible But I Am Starting To See Weeds
  • I Don't Have Weeds & I Want To Keep It That Way!
  • I Have A Different Lawn Care Problem...

Weeds Won't Just Go Away!

In Fact, If Left Untreated They Will Get Worse & Worse...And Before Long You Will Wonder If You Even Have Grass in Your Lawn!

Let Us Treat Your Lawn & Make It Green Again!

How Soon Will Your Lawn Be Weed Free?

You'll see a drastic improvement after the first service.

When a lawn is treated right it starts to react positively very quickly. Within a matter of a couple months you will start to see your lawn looking greener and you will notice that your weeds are disappearing.

With us the process is simple & easy. We do all of the hard work and we put in the effort to keep your lawn green and weed free all year long.


When You Call Us What Should You Expect?

Ryan will answer your call and ask you some basic questions about your lawn and what service you are wanting.

We will then schedule a face to face meeting where we can personally look at your grass and determine what type of weeds you are facing and how bad they are.

After this we will arrange a service agreement. Our service agreement is month to month. We do not lock you into any contract.

What Makes Us The Experts?

10 Years of Experience.

UGA and tests proctored by the state of Georgia, I became licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Ryan, the owner of Absolute Green Lawn Care, continues to do tests with various treatments and weeds.

Where does he conduct these tests? In his own backyard. If you saw Ryan's backyard you would see various sections of the lawn with different types of grass, some with certain weeds, etc.


What Will You Get When You Hire Us?

Do We Have Examples of Work You Can See?

Yes, Yes, & Yes!!!

We know you found us online & because of that this is our first official introduction. Of course we would love to talk to you face to face.

But...we know that a lot of people do their homework before picking up the phone and calling.

So...we try to add examples of our work here on our website on a weekly basis. Below are some of the latest examples of what we do and have done for other customers.

3 Recent Jobs We've Shared

Sod Fertilizer And Treatment Buford,GA

Brief Explanation:

This homeowner was really excited to put their new sod down. To their surprise, they soon found weeds popping up. We have helped them understand more about how to properly maintain their new, enhanced yard.

Within even a few treatments, we have found dramatic results for the better. Click above and see some more of the pictures of their yard’s transformation.

Lawn Maintenance In Buford, GA

Brief Explanation:

The season is now to start aerating lawns. This homeowner contacted me for lawn aeration services. We were pleased that some rain fell the day prior to servicing their lawn. This helped to create a soft bed of soil to extract plugs from.

Lawn aeration is part of annual lawn maintenance. It serves to help soften soil in order to create a rich bed of soil that can provide nutrients to grass roots. Georgia clay tends to get hard and compact over time. Lawn aeration breaks up the density of the soil and improves lawn health.

Yard Care in Buford, GA

Brief Explanation:

With this property situated in a highly visible and highly trafficked portion of the neighborhood, I was excited to get started on his yard transformation. The results did not disappoint. His yard stands out among the rest as one that is fully green and lush, and most of all… WEED FREE.

We started with weed control and lawn fertilizer. By targeting the specific weeds in his yard with appropriate treatment we were able to achieve great results very quickly. Following up with lawn fertilizer application with every service visit has really left the yard in a desirable state.

I’m proud to see my customer’s yards remain weed free year after year. Furthermore, I enjoy establishing great friendships with my customers. I make myself available to answer any questions and discuss any ideas that they have for their yard.

You Can See Even More Examples By Clicking The Service Tabs In Our Menu Bar.

Please let us know if you need to see even more pictures, testimonials, & examples of what we do in order to help you choose our company as your #1 Lawn Care Company!

What About Customer Testimonials?

Yes, We Have Some For You To Read!

Betty D.

Buford, GA

Date: Jun 21, 2019
I had another lawn care service for the last 5 years. Last summer, I became very disappointed with the look of my front lawn. There were lots of weeds. My lawn looked bad! I called my lawn care company and told them what I saw. They made excuses for the weeds, we have had a lot of rain lately, etc. I decided to search for a new company and I found Absolute Green Lawn Care. I read all their reviews and decided to call them. Absolute Green Lawn Care has been serving my lawn now for almost a year. WOW! What a difference! My lawn is now beautiful, bright green, with no weeds! One of my neighbors recently commented about how beautiful my lawn is now. I was happy to tell the neighbor who cares for my lawn, Absolute Green Lawn Care. I highly recommend this company because they are the best!

Services Provided

Residential Lawn Care

Anna Becoat

Buford, GA

Date: Aug 15, 2018
We have been using the Absolute Green for about 2 months and we are thrilled with the results. We had a major problem with weeds and after 2 applications I can see the tremendous improvement. Also as an added bonus what I love about them is the fact that there is no contract... you pay as you go.

Services Provided

Residential Weed Control

Date: Sep 26, 2018
Ryan is the best! We had issues with some weeds in our yard - Ryan came out personally within a day of me contacting him. He identified the weed as doveweed which is very hard to kill. Other services in the past treated it like crabgrass so it was never properly handled/killed. Ryan is very knowledgeable and cares about his clients - he is above the rest in service and customer service! Do yourself a favor and hire Ryan and his team!

Services Provided

Residential Weed Control

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